Board & Batten Buildings

Our Board-n-Batten buildings are built like bomb shelters!  They are Super Heavy Duty and beyond!  These buildings are constructed with Hemlock, not Pine.  Insects will not eat Hemlock!  In the framing we use more 2x4's in the studs, rafters, floor joist, and nailer's than our competitors.  You will NEVER SEE OUR WALL STUDS MORE THAN 24" ON CENTER.  The roof rafters are always 16" on center.  Stronger framing is essential to carry the extra weight load of the building and it's contents.  We build them right!  The floors and roof sheathing are plywood.  These are ALL WOOD buildings, NO FLAKE BOARD!  Come look for yourself, and you will find we don't sacrifice quality, and still have the lowest prices on the best built Board-n-Batten buildings you will find anywhere.

Where to Find Us:

A&A Sheds
1 Mile South of Exit 230 on Rt. 81

And State Rt. 171 on Rt. 11 South

Phone:  570 879-6666

     Fax: 570 879-8801

Business Hours:

Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday-        9am to 3pm

Sunday-         10am to 2pm


After hour appointments available!